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Course Description

6 Modules 6 Documents

SMS FIND YOUR FIRE! Designed to help employees discover new avenues for self-employment with step-by-step modules and strategies to help you go from 0 to self-employed HERO!


In our first module together, you’ll learn:

  • What it really takes to be an entrepreneur: A practical explanation for increasing your clarity and confidence
  • The number one reason why most new entrepreneurs never get their idea off the ground
  • The 22 expected and unexpected sides of business that most entrepreneurs are never prepared for
  • One simple question you can ask to know if you’re ready for entrepreneurship
  • A foolproof exercise to turn your burning frustrations into your biggest source of courage
  • A simple solution to make sure you never settle for not being appreciated again



Now that you know you’re truly ready to begin your journey into entrepreneurship, we’ll then walk through:


  • A simple guide to seeing the hidden opportunities from your previous work experience
  • How to go from a hectic and overwhelmed employee to working on your own terms
  • A fresh and simple approach to finding your new business idea, in just a couple of hours
  • The 4 elements within every job history and how they hold the answers to a fulfilling business
  • Discover how your natural strengths can make a difference in your life and the lives of others
  • How to see where other people have given you clues for your new career
  • A helpful way to use your past to grow your confidence and take the next step



With a crystal-clear process for discovering your first ideas, we’ll dive deeper into:


  • An effective exercise to spark your imagination and find that one business idea you’ve been looking for
  • The common limitation that causes most entrepreneurs to give up on their dreams too early, and how to overcome it
  • Useful tools you can use to connect the dots between your ideas and real business opportunities, so you can get clear on your next steps
  • A methodical approach to save you hours of wasted time going down the wrong business path
  • How to be firm in your decision to begin your new project and get paid for your skills
  • The importance of focus and how it will help you to build positive momentum
  • The hidden power that all entrepreneurs must have within their business before they jump into it
  • Bonus resources to help you discover your strengths and know how to use them in your business




To wrap it all up and set you on the path to business creation, we’ll explore together:


  • 6 simple steps to creating a business plan, even if you’ve never done one before
  • How to deal with a changing mind when or if it happens
  • An introduction to “morphing” and how it could be the key to a million-dollar idea
  • The 3 most important uses of your time when planning your business
  • What every entrepreneur MUST have in place before they give in their notice!
  • How to ensure your roadmap for the future is detailed enough to increase your chances of success.
  • The strength of starting small and allowing room for revisions
  • The common denominator of all truly successful entrepreneurs how to use it to build your dream business


If you’ve had enough of being intimidated by the process of creating your business idea from scratch...

Then I invite you to invest just one week with me in the SMS: Find Your Fire mini course, so you can discover, feel, and take action towards achieving what we both know you’re capable of.

Course Curriculum

SMS: Finding Your Fire - Mini-Course
  1. Intro to Finding Your Fire
  2. Pre-Quiz

1. Desire
  1. Stoke the FIRE

2. Process
  1. Dig deep
  2. Mod 2 Worksheet

3. Analyze & Decide
  1. 1 + 1 = New You

4. Plan
  1. The final step

Wrap Up
  1. YOU did it!